Monday, March 12, 2007

Meet the Staff: Part One

There are now less than a hundred days before the start of Session One of Resident Camp. The clock is ticking as far as registrations go. We are always ready to accept last minute registrations, but do you really want to do that? It is much better to be prepared ahead of time.

Starting today, each blog post will introduce you to some of the staff we have working this summer. Starting with me.

I'm Matthew Abel and I will be the Program Director this summer. I also update the blog here, and do a variety of online work for camp. I am originally from Muskegon and love my hometown. I also love Camp Pendalouan and this will be my fourth summer there. I am especially excited to return this summer as I have met many awesome kids that I hope to see again.

Next week, I'll be introducing you to some of the awesome staff that are returning as cabin counselors here at camp.

The month of March brings us the Jenison Elementary Schools, a different one each week. They have been attending camp here for a couple of years and it is always fun to have them here. The kids are always excited to stay and the staff have a lot of fun.

With the warm weather, we are putting away the skis and sleds and getting ready for Spring. That means the boating area will be back to normal and the dock will be put in soon. It is so exciting! Over the next few months, come visit so you can see Camp morph into it's summer state.

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