Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heat Wave

Today it is in the forties and the snow is starting to melt. Winter is coming to a close, and it is not even March. Still, we have been blessed this year with some real winter weather. We got to use our skis and go out on the ice. What a great season. Soon though: Mosquitos!

We went to CMU and MSU for recruiting last week and met a lot of very nice people who would like to work here this summer. We also met a lot of very nice people we would like to work here this summer. It is our hope that we can hire another excellent summer Counseling staff soon.

It is hard to handle all the warm weather when so many schools had snow days just a couple weeks ago. It will soon be time for canoeing and funyaking on Big Blue Lake. Big Blue Lake will be blue again, instead of white. It is always beautiful.

Just a reminder that the Early Bird Deadline for Summer camp is fast approaching. People keep signing up, so don't wait too long.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, I hope everyone is elated by the holiday and doesn't realize I haven't posted in two weeks. But I promise it was for a very good reason. Perhaps you read in the local Muskegon Chronicle that we had a screening camp for the US Luge Association staying at camp. They traveled to the Winter Sports Complex in Muskegon State Park during the day and enjoyed beautiful Camp Pendalouan during the evenings.

This adventure has led to the creation of the Pendalouan Funooglers; our own luge team. We compete on Tuesday nights and we could always use some cheerleaders. If you haven't gotten a chance to see the Complex in the State Park, it is absolutely amazing. They have skiing, skating, luging, and a variety of winter activities.

Camp is looking beautiful. We have plenty of ice to play broomball and plenty of snow for skiing. The past week we enjoyed the company of some Fruitport Middle School 6th graders, Muskegon Catholic Central Elementary's 5th grade, and tonight we have a group of Reeths Puffer 6th graders.

In other happenings, we are recruiting at colleges for Summer Staff. Today we went to Central Michigan University and tomorrow we head to East Lansing to recruit at Michigan State University. CMU gave us plenty of opportunities to meet many awesome candidates. Hopefully, just as many will be found at MSU.

In the next coming weeks, be sure to check back as we will begin profiling the Summer '07 staff. You'll be able to see our new counselors and the old favorites. It is going to be an amazing summer here at Camp Pendalouan!