Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter A-Gain!

As the pictures show, the OE staff took the snowy opportunity today to get the cross-country ski trail packed down a little. Unfortunately, there aren't any groups this week to enjoy their hard work! We all fell asleep looking at the cold forest and woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. Without groups, the staff are keeping busy this week finishing renovations on the bathhouses, fixing lights in the Sugar Shack, and making sure camp stays beautiful. Lori, Bruce, and me (Matthew) are off to the Mid-American Camping Conference this week to learn some new stuff for summer camp.

Speaking of Summer Camp, the registrations are up to 87, and we will soon break the one-hundred mark. Some staff are sending in their re-applications and Lori is getting the CIT materials together. Every week brings us closer to another crazy and exciting summer. In a few weeks, I will start introducing us all to the summer staff once more.

Another fun bit of news: Camp Pendalouan is signed up for the Meijer Community Rewards program. HOW IT WORKS: You sign up (which can be done online at the Meijer website), you get a rewards card, you buy the same groceries you usually do. But this time, you swipe the card and Camp gets 4% cash back from the purchase. Our organization number is 492928. Any questions will be courteously answered if you call camp. This is an excellent way to give to camp!

We all hope the snow stays for a while so we can enjoy some real winter weather. As always, stop by and visit. Today Daryl Sieplinga came by to hang out! You never know who you will see!

Have some fruit!

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SNOW! No fair!