Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is the day of the last big group for the year here at Pendalouan. After this and some camp clean-up, we will be saying goodbye to our Instructor staff for a while. It has been a busy month at camp, organizing school groups, preparing brochures, and finishing the new cabin.

Staff have been busy at school, as well. Two junior counselors from last summer have been picked as students of the month by their local newspapers. They are Katie Spoelman from Grand Haven High School, and Sarah Anderson from Muskegon Catholic Central.

Our Instructor staff are heading on separate paths. Marie will be moving to Texas to participate in a teacher certification program. Heidi will be heading to her hometown near Coldwater to work as a barista and substitute teach a bit. Kelly hopes to move to California and have adventures there. Matthew is moving to Oklahoma in hopes of starting graduate school - he will be back for summer camp. Good luck to all our staff!

Well, the cold air is upon us. Boating is closed up, the Ski Haus is set up, and there always seems to be a fire in the lodge fireplace. That means Winter is on the way. Which means Winter Camp is just around the corner. It will be December 21-22nd. Give us a call to register, many summer staff will be volunteering for this awesome event.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Fast Approaches

Camp has been busy as can be lately. Last week much time was spent finishing the bathrooms in the log cabins. It has been a large group effort from the staff.

This week we have had groups from Whitehall's Ealy Elementary, Mona Shores High School, and Dimondale Elementary near Lansing. Friday we welcome Twin Lake. With all these schools, it comes as no surprise that we have seen a few summer campers come our way. They have been very excited to see camp improvements.

Halloween Camp is on Friday. We have almost 80 kids signed up as of right now. It will be a fun-filled evening. We will eat dinner and then have a campfire. After that, the campers will rotate through a Haunted area, a trick or treat hayride, and a carnival in the lodge. Saturday will bring lots of games and typical camp activities.

Many summer staff will be coming to help out; not only from 2007, but 2006 and 2005 as well!

It is crisp fall weather outside right now, so I will be getting out there to have some fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Olsen Cabin -aka- Gogebic (Go Gee Bik)

The past few weeks have been spent in fierce activity to get the new cabin and Kiowa finished. The bathroom in Kiowa is ready for use, and Gogebic's is not far behind. The staff have learned an mastered the power of a wetsaw and a few of us are now well-schooled in the installation of insulation.

In addition to cabin fun, we are busy planning for Halloween Camp and making sure all our school groups have a swell time. Halloween Camp is filling fast, but there is still room to come. It will be a not-so-scary time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Matt in China

As promised, here are pictures Matt S has sent us from his trip to China!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Goodness, it has been ages since the Blog has been updated. We have been hard at work with various school groups. Lots of high ropes, Gold Rush, and various outdoor games. All the kids have been having a great time and have really connected with the outdoors by being here.

Some of you may notice the new author of the blog - Chief Pendalouan! In order to "tweak" the blog a little, we have created a new account. Lots of technical details. The point is that now that camp has a "camp" account, we will be able to create a few new blogs for staff and the Camp Newspaper.

In the News: Summer staff keep visiting camp - they love it so! We have seen many counselors back to visit, including Kate, Dom, Jory and Matt. Speaking of Matts, Matt Sheick (One of our CIT Directors) recently visited China. He tells us he had an awesome time and even sent some pictures. Later this week, I'll be posting these to the blog so everyone can see them.

Don't forget that Halloween Camp is just around the corner. Come and see old friends at the overnight. Counselors will be back from summer camp dressed as ghosts and goblins, as will campers we love to see. I hope you can all come by and see the spooky camp setup.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

OE Begins!

Time passes. It has been almost a month since summer camp has ended. All of our counselors and campers are back to school or travelling on in life, and camp has been empty the past few weeks.

Of course, with the end of summer comes the beginning of our Outdoor Education Season. This week we welcome our first school group of the season: Grand Rapids Montessori. We are very excited to welcome them here - especially with our new OE staff!

Later this week, I will introduce you to Kelly, Heidi, Emilie and Marie, our new staff.

Until then, come visit at camp. We'd love to see you!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Pendalouan Press Sesson Six

The second to last issue of the Pendalouan Press 2007! We are in our last week of summer camp. It is a sad time, but counselors are working hard to make sure all the campers have as good a time as those campers from session one. This weekend is, of course, Father Son Camp. A very old Pendalouan Tradition, we will be welcoming many older and new generations of families for the weekend.

Here is the Pendalouan Press, featuring a few scary stories written by our campers.

The Haunted Lake By Harley Tyler

The haunted lake was black, dark, and bodies were floating. You could hear screams from people who died and staff were flying through the air. If you went in the lake and got out you would disappear.

Haunted House By August Lee

One family thought that they had a portal to the underworld in their basement. They had to call a ghost hunter to get it away. Then they went to sleep in the living room and the mattress went up and down like a heat beat and breathing. Then it was gone.

Popcorn Flood By August Lee

One day at school the popcorn machine broke and popcorn went crazy. So the principal tried to fix it but he could not fix it. The children swam in the popcorn. The one kid had some ideas. His first idea was to get a bag and scoop some up and eat it and call mechanic.

A Dog at Camp By August Lee

Name: Kushi
Who does it belong to? Bruce and his family
Girl or Boy: Girl
Does she roll in the sand? Yes
Does she chase sticks? Yes
Does she like to swim? Yes
Where does she live? With Bruce and his family
Who are her mom and dad? Bruce and Margaret

Interview to a camper: By Emily Litynski

Name: Sarah
Favorite thing to do at camp: Swim
Age: 11
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Favorite Color: Blue
Cabin Name: Ottawa
Your Counselors: Ali and Dom
How many years have you been at camp: 1
Your Birthday: February 20
Favorite food at camp: Tater Tots

Interview of CIT By Emily Litynski

Name: E.T.
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite sport: Ultimate Frisbee
Favorite Activity at Camp: Singing Songs
Favorite Cabin Name: Kiowa
Your Cabin Name: Blackfoot
Best Friend at Camp: Bert
Favorite Camp song: Humpty Dumpty

The Name of the Ghost By Emily Litynski

On February 8, 1999, a ghost appeared in front of Robyn. Robyn was so scared. She ran back to her cabin as fast as she could with her buddy. Last year on my birthday February 8, she came to me. I wasn’t scared. Nobody knows his name.

Interview of Dasha By Emily Litynski and Christina Matticks

Where are you from? Born in Russia
How long have you been at camp? 1st year
What is your favorite part about camp? Hanging with kids
What is your favorite camp song? Tarzan
Why did you come to camp? Wanted to have fun this summer
What is your favorite food at camp? Yogurt and granola
What is your favorite camp activity? Water mat and Capture the Flag

The Ghost of Ottawa Cabin By Katie Slajus

One day Katie, Ryann, and Sarah walked into Ottawa cabin to change out of their swimsuits. Their friends Anna and Cassidy were right behind them. They were changing when all of a sudden the fan turned on, they wondered what happened and then Ryann turned it off. A couple minutes later the doorknob rattled like someone was going to come in. Katie looked out the window and saw no one. That night Katie went to sleep with her window closed and Ryann went to sleep with her window open. The next morning Katie window was open and Ryann was closed. It was then they thought of the answer Ottawa Indians haunted their cabin. So if you’re ever in Ottawa be careful. They might haunt you too.

The best
Totally sweet
Way cool
A great cabin

Interview By Katie Slajus

Name: Bert
Favorite food at camp: Waffles with PB and Cinnamon Sugar
Birthday: January 6
Cabin: Chippewa
Favorite Activity: Climbing Wall
Favorite Animal: Eagle
Camp Candy: Twix
Favorite Camp Song: Blowing in the wind
How many years have you been at camp: 5
Favorite Color: Red


Leo- never expect a lot
Lucky Day- 2, 14
Color- Turquoise

Virgo- Listen to your friends advice. Stay away form haircuts. Keep wishing on stars because your wish will come true.
Lucky Days- 1, 22
Color- Purple

Libra- Chill out! Take a shower
Lucky Days- 2, 14, 26
Color- Royal Blue

Scorpio- you will get a letter from an old friend
Lucky days- 11, 20
Color- Dark Green

Sagittarius- stay away from climbing trees
Lucky Days- 19, 23
Color- green

Capricorn- you will be lucky
Lucky days- 1, 13
Color- Sky Blue

Aquarius- you will miss your family
Lucky Days- 21, 23, 31
Color- Yellow

Pisces- you will go on a long vacation
Lucky Days-4, 17
Color- Lime green

Aries- you will make unexpected friends
Lucky Days-7, 30
Color- Lavender

Taurus- you will have good luck in the next week
Lucky Day- 8, 14
Color- Hot pink

Gemini- you will meet a new friend
Lucky Days- 6, 10
Color- Baby Blue

Cancer- you will make a lot of friends
Lucky Days- 14, 16
Color- Teal

Poems by Claire Cebelak

Sticky. Very Icy
A weird X-ray is shown to Dr. Tina
You have a yucky sickness

Clear skies are low today.
A cake is being iced and frosted
Rain begins to elope together

Worm, worm
Likes to squirm and eat
Worms like to wiggle and sleep
Worm doesn’t die of food
Worm you love to squirm

Weird Wonderful smells
Elope and they Icy
And they ring with Desire

Hair is on your head
Ears are on the sides
Ears help you hear
Loud is loud and you are you
The sun is hot

Friday, July 27, 2007

Pendalouan Press - Session Five

Session Five has been amazing! We saw the return of Synchronized Swimming, an amazing display of drama, Jory and Or's Blues Band, and many children smiling.

The Summer has gone by very quickly. There are only two sessions left.

The Boat Trip

One day, two kids were walking along at Camp Pendalouan. They had their swim suits on, as they were ready to go boating. Up ahead, the kids saw an island, which was called Lonely Island. The two kids wanted to go to the island and explore it. The campers knew the rules not to go over to Lonely Island unless a Counsler was with them, but they snuck over anyways in a boating area. They knew where everything was as it was their 3rd summer at Camp, So they took out a canoe and left.

The campers paddled along to the middle of the lake when big waves started to sieze them! The canoe started to sway and finally tipped over, sending the campers in the canoe into the freezing water. All of sudden, Chauncy the sea monster that lived in Blue Lake attacked! The campers struggled and struggled, managing to get back into their canoe and go back to shore safely. The campers again never snuck out ever again and all lived happily ever after.

The End.

By Abby Olsen

What do you think the 4 core values mean?

Caring : I think that caring means to be a good friend, because if friends are not caring, how are they even friends?

Honesty : I think honesty is a way of showing he truth to like your friend or someone you care about.

Respect : I think respect means to respect other people and their things, By asking to use their stuff and not using it without asking.

Responsebility : I believe that to be responsebility, is to pick up trash and take care of your things and the earth around you.


Aby Olsen
Morgen Dennison
Katie Blain

Interview with Synchro
Q : What do you do in Synchro?

A : You dance in the water, You do stuff that you might not be able to do on land.

Q ; Why is Synchro important to you?

A : It is important to us because it is a way to express yourself in the water!

Q : How is Synchro good for your body?

A : It is good for you because it gets the blood flowing and helps strengthen muscles.

Morgan Dennison
Katie Blain
Abby Olsen


Aquarius : Your day looks good but beware of the food you eat!

Aries : Your day will start with a bump but it will get better.

Cancer : Your morning will be good..but watch out! The socks may turn on you!

Capricorn : If you think of chicken nuggets...The day seems to shine more.

Gemini : Mash potatos may be the key to making good friends.

Taruas : Stay away from muffins! They will plot against you!

Leo : The color yellow shines bad luck on you,You may be surprised what they do.

Libra ; Beware of PINK bunnies, for good luck will not be what they bring.

Piesis : Basketballs that are yellow, Have planned to give you a horribile scare!

Scoripo :Should you cross a salt n' pepper shaker, The day will be very bad.

Staggigius : Purple butterflies have become your friends, yet tree stumps will cause you grief.

Virgo : The land is your friend but the water is your enemy.


Katie Blain.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Session Four

Session Four has been quite fun. Smaller than some sessions, but still very exciting. We had a game of pirates vs. ninjas, played capture the flag, and award our first ever Apprentice Archer award.

Here is the Pendalouan Press.

" Have YOU seen the monster ? "
By Skylar Nugent
Apparently a 50-foot giant known as the squirrel can transform into a marmot. If you see the monster while hiking to sleepy hollow, finish the hike as fast as you can and run into Chippewa cabin knock on the door and ask for Skylar Nugent if you are a girl. For boys, finish the hike and get back to your cabin as fast as you can. The giant squirrel has been here since Chief Pendalouan died. So keep a keen eye out for the squirrel.

"Interviews about you"
By Harley Tyler

Her favorite thing is canoeing. Her activities are canoeing and archery. Her favorite activity is canoeing. She is in Blackfoot cabin. Her counselors are Jessa and Katie. She has not written to her parents yet.

She is in Blackfoot cabin. She did not write any letters to her parents ye. She is a roper and wrangler, which is horeseback riding. Her favorite person is her sister Harley. She takes showers every morning.

She lives in tent villiage. She is a LIT ( leaders in training ). She likes to swim. She made five new friends. She has never slept in a cabin. She got all the core bands.

She lives in tent villiage. She has made five new friends. She loves arts and crafts. She has slept in a cabin for seven years. She gets bands but hasnt gotten any yet.

" The Four B's "
By Molly Tyler

"Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Caring". The banner "honesty" is blue as in "true blue". "Responsibility" is green like the earth. "Respect" is yellow as in the golden rule. "Caring" is red like in the heart. These four banners are in everyone and when they feel like it, it can be shown. The banners are in the lodge.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Session Three - Pendalouan Press

Session Three has been a phenomenal time. We have seen an amazing Drama skit, excellent camp games, and the first ever Pendalouan Synchronized Swimming Show. We were worried at first as a thunderstorm blew in. But blue skies, along with a double rainbow, arrived just in time for the swimming to begin! Camp certainly felt extra-magical that day.

Here are the Pendalouan Press articles written by our own Campers!

Camp by: Rebecca Waterstradt

In camp you do so much stuff. You can stay for a week or 3 days if your Bug and Bunks. They have boats, swimming, games, 4-square, and more. There are swimming colors, red is shallow, yellow is a little deeper, and green and blue are the deepest. Green and blue are pretty much the same thing but blue gets to swim the lake swim without a life jacket.
The camp food is great. The great bear council ring is nice. The trading post has everything a camper needs. So make sure to stay and make memories at camp!!!!

Interview By: Jessica Serene

Q: What is your Name?
A: Robyn

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Purple

Q: What is your favorite candy?
A: Peanut M&M

Q: What do you think the best age group is?
A: Every age

Q: What is your favorite camp activity?
A: Roasting S’mores

Q: How long have you been at camp?
A: 1 year as a counselor and 10 years as a camper

Interview By: Nick Tobin

Q: Name
A: Or

Q: Where are you from?
A: Israel

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: French Fries, Ice Cream, Pizza, and Barbeques

Q: What is your worst fear?
A: Heights, Monsters, and Aliens

Q: What food do you hate the most?
A: Celery

Interview By: Nick Tobin

Q: Name
A: Tim

Q: Where are you from?
A: Oak Park (Chicago)

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Pizza, Cheeseburgers

Q: What is your worst fear?
A: Big Trash Piles, Cats

Q: What food do you hate the most?
A: Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Dom’s Favorites by Lauren Orr

Q: What is your favorite camp food?
A: Spaghetti with no sauce and tons of cheese

Q: What is your favorite camp candy?
A: Snickers

Q: How long have you been a lifeguard?
A: 2 years

Q: What is your favorite activity?
A: High ropes and climbing wall

Q: How long have you been at camp?
A: 3 years counselor, 6 years camper

Q: What is your favorite water bottle color?
A: Dark green with a clip and a lot of stickers

Favorite Camp Candy Survey By: Lauren Orr

I asked 20 people what their favorite camp candy was. Here are the Results:

Skittles- 6
Whatchamacallit- 3
Twix- 1
Snickers- 2
M&M- 2
3 Musketeers- 1
Reese’s- 1
Kit Kat- 1
Hershey’s- 3
Butterfingers- 0
Twizzler’s- 0

Talking with Katie By Rebecca Waterstradt

Q: What is your favorite camp Candy?
A: Whatchamacallit

Q: How long have you been working at camp?
A: 1 year

Q: What is your favorite camp food?
A: Chicken Fajitas

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Aqua

Q: What is your favorite activity?
A: Synchronized Swimming

Q: How old are you?
A: Older than dirt

Q: What is your favorite camp game?
A: Capture the Flag

Favorite Dessert By Jessica Serene
S’mores- 4
Cupcake- 1
Choc. Cake- 1
Choc. Chip Cookies- 3
Sugar Cookies- 2
Choc. Chip Cake- 2

By Jessica Serene
What is a mummy’s favorite person?
A: his mummy

By Robyn
What do you get when you cross a cheetah and a hamburger?
A: Fast Food

By Alex
What is a cow with no legs?
A: Ground Beef

By Nick Tobin
What do you get when you cross a fairytale writer and a juicer?
A: Mother Juice

By Nick Tobin
Baby Snake- Mommy, mommy am I poisonous?
Mom Snake- No, Why?
Baby Snake- Because I just bit my tongue

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pendalouan Press - Session Two!

Sorry for this very late Update everyone! Camp has been a whirlwind of activity. Last Week saw the Family Camp and Mother Child Camps - both of which went very well. We are halfway through Sesson Three, and things are going quite smoothly thus far. Everyday, kids are making new friends and learning about the Core Values. Smiles are abundant and genuine.

Without Further chitchat, here is the Pendalouan Press!


By Sabrina Goosen

Camp is fun and exciting
It is so awesome our
Hearts bloom to see
The beautiful
Flowers at
Camp are

By Sophia Stevens and Jessica Springstead

Camp is so
Fun we swim
In the sun
We go to
Turtle bay
That is what
People say
Horseback riding
We go every year
We are on our third
We hope we can go again

By Sophia Stevens

We might sit on a tree
And talk to a bee
Or help some dude
My friend and me
Sit and look and
See the birds
And bees
My friend
And me

Jessa - A Counselor
By Haley Klanke

Jessa is a counselor for Eagle Claw. She is very fun and exciting. In her hometown she has a dog. Her favorite color is purple. She is very bold and has been working at Camp Pendalouan for two years. For activities she does Stupid But Fun and High Ropes. She also loves science. She is a very hard worker and she is AWESOME!

Camp Pendalouan
By Emi Steketee

How was your first day of camp? For me most of the games are very FUN! You sleep in a cabin and you have two counselors. You can sleep on the top or bottom of the bunk bed. You make a lot of friends. Camp is so fun that you never want to leave.

The CITs

By Emi Steketee

The counselors in training (CIT) train to become counselors. Kelly and Matt teach them a lot. They do things that kids do in camp but not everything. This week they created the carnival night on Monday. The CITs also spy on counselors to learn from them how to become better counselors in the future. The CITs live in tents at high beach in an area they call Tent Village. This week Tent Village was under attack by raccoons. Matt even put his elbow in raccoon poo! When asked why the CITs became CITs, most said they enjoy working with kids and they love Camp Pendalouan.

By Ashley Roest

Interview CIT Desi

How was your day?
It has been loads of fun!!!

Do you feel good?
I feeeeel good! Oh I feel so good! Huh!

Are you mad?
Nah! I sometimes get frustrated though

Are you nervous?
Sometimes yes, depending on what we are doing

Do you like camp?
Of course! Camp is a very fun place. I have tons of fun everyday. The CITs always keep active and help out. Kelly and Matt are amazing.

Interview CIT Loyal

How has camp been?
Pretty good so far

Are you sad?
I sometimes get sad

How has your week been?
I spent time with Lenapee and it was cool

Favorite color?
Light purple and light pink

Father and Son
By Sabrina Goosen

Doing my research as a reporter I found out that Grandpa and Matthew are father and son! So I decided to learn more about this father and son pair.

Grandpa’s real name is Stephen and he is 61 years old. He has worked at Camp Pendalouan for three years. Grandpa would rather work in the store than as a counselor because working in the store he gets to see and meet ALL the campers. Grandpa has a twin brother Matt who looks just like his son Matthew. He also has a wife named Tere. Grandpa’s favorite tree is the birch and he loves daisies. When grandpa is not at camp he is a teacher at a university teaching algebra.

Matthew is Camp Pendalouan’s Program Director. This is Matthew’s 4th summer. Matthew loves camp because he has a lot of fun with campers. He also likes working with his dad. Matthew loves to wear hats and his favorite accessory is his watch. Matthew likes soccer, track, and wrestling. Matthew believes playing the guitar is peaceful. His favorite hour of the day at camp is rest hour! Matthew says he has 1,000,006 friends.

By Sophia Stevens

What do you call a sloppy kangaroo?
A sloppy Joe-y

What did the banana say to the other banana?
I’ve gotta split

If a snowman and Dracula get married and have a kid, what would it be named?

Why is Dracula so unpopular?
Because he is a pain in the neck

Which kind of bird is the most crazy?
The cuckoo bird

Friday, June 22, 2007

Pendalouan Press

The Pendalouan Press Issue One
Photo/Picture Supplement to Follow

Just Eat It!

By Clair Jennings

Food waste, we've all had it, and even if you haven't, I bet you have been close. Food waste is food we did not eat. After every meal we weigh the bucket of food waste. Whenever the whole camp has one pound or less of food waste, a counselor does something funny. This week if we get a half pound or less of food waste, Jory and Matt are going to jump into the lake wearing a dress.

Tips To Not Have Food Waste
1. Only take small portions of food.
2. If you don't like the food you took, ask if someone else will eat it.
3. Syrup, ketchup, and dressing count as food waste too, so try to only take as much as you need.

Camp Pendalouan
By Zoe Lamar

Everyone is always worried about making friends, including me. So far I've made nine out of eleven friends. When you get to camp you will go to your cabin. Pick a bunk and set your things on it. You will be here for three or six days. We have a fire almost every night. Spick and Span will check all of the cabins at lunch. They announce the dirtiest and cleanest cabin. Eagle Claw was the dirtiest cabin on Monday. When you are the dirtiest cabin, you have to clean the lodge. At Camp Pendalouan we go swimming. I promise you will have a lot of fun. Have a great summer!

Counselor Close-up
By Regan J Wilcox

I interviewed Dom, who is a counselor at Camp Pendalouan, to find out a little about her. Dom lives in North Muskegon. She has been here for three years now and loves it. She also has two pet rocks Leroy and Spencer. The counselor’s favorite camper age group is 9-12 years old. Her favorite thing to eat at camp is spaghetti with no sauce and extra Parmesan cheese. Dom loves staying in Hopi cabin. Cleaning the dust bowl is Dom’s favorite service activity. She has no food waste, but her cabin usually does. The last thing about Dom is that her favorite camp song is The Moose. So, that is a close-up on Dom, an amazing member of the Camp Pendalouan staff.

By Kadijah Dowell and Kristina Ferguson

A couple of days ago Lauren’s swan came up missing. Everyone looked for it but no one succeeded in finding the swan. A day later Cristina came down with a swan in her hand. She said that she found the swan underneath her bed. A few minutes later they started looking around and found a note saying, “I still got your real swan.”
The next day they found a note on the deck of the lodge.
The note read. “The two swans that you found were decoys of the real swan.”
The note also said that the wings would be cut as a warning of what would happen to the real swan. One day while eating lunch Kalun saw a guy in a helmet and yelled out, “Who is that?”
All of a sudden Matt took off out the door chasing the guy but came back with nothing. The next day we searched for the swan and tried to find the weapons, locations, and who did it. We found all the clues but still have to find who took the swan. Another letter appeared saying, “If you don’t find the swan by Friday, I will keep it as my pet.”
So the deadline is Friday. What many campers believe so far is that a counselor has the swan.
Publisher's Note: It turns out the swan was kidnapped by none other than Darth Vader! Jedis from across the universe came to Camp Pendalouan on Friday to try and rescue it.

By Julie Jones

What is lurking beneath the Big Blue Lake's surface? Let’s find out about Chauncy the giant squid!

How long has Chauncy lived in the lake?
Clare: for 51 years.

Have you seen Chauncy?
Jen: I have not personally seen Chauncy.

Where does Chauncy live?
Jessa: In Boersma Trench, down in Big Blue Lake.

What would you do if you saw Chauncy?
Matt: Run and notify Clare.
Jesse: Try to get people to see him.

Is Chauncy evil?
Lauren: Yes, he stole my swan.

Why doesn’t Chauncy like the color red?
Megan: I think Chauncy had a bad run-in with lifeguards when they were wearing red.

How did Chauncy get in the lake?
Matthew: A helicopter accident. The Helicopter had salt water and baby Chauncy fell out.

Do the Boy Scouts know about Chauncy?
Dom: I believe Chauncy attacks the Boy Scouts because they break the rules more often.

Now you know more about the giant squid that lives in out lake.

Camper Interviews
By Ashley Unl

I interviewed Cristina. I asked her, what is you favorite thing to do at camp? She said meeting new people and she enjoys nature. Cristina’s least favorite thing about camp is when it is loud. She loves camp. The second person I interviewed was Sarah. Sarah’s favorite thing is running around and playing capture the flag. She likes everything about camp. The third person I interviewed was Kara. Kara’s favorite thing to do is noon activities. She loves camp.

A Poem
By Cristina Houle

Summertime blows
In the mist of air
Beauty and nature everywhere
Life is full of surprises
As you should know
Flowers bloom and grow

By Kara Thomasin

1. What has five eyes but can’t see?

The Mississippi River

2. What gets you dry but gets wet?

A towel

3. Why did the coach go to the bank?

To get his quarterback

4. A man is walking his dog. He is sitting, yet walking. How is this possible?

Yet is the dogs name

5. What letter has two letters?

“double U” aka W


Gemini (May 21 – June 21)
Summer is your shine, so go out and make new friends and have fun. Be careful with your actions. Don’t be someone you are not, just be true to your heart.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)
You are going to meet someone special by your house

Leo (July 23 – August 23)
Try your hardest and you will succeed. Be proud but not too proud or you will be without friends.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
You are outgoing and made some new friends. You aren’t shy. You can get jealous and you don’t like hurting other peoples feelings.

Libra (September 23 – October 23)
You are honest, loyal, and fun but on the inside you don’t think so. You feel you should accomplish more.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)
Keep your head high and you’ll pass the day. You have to deal with the embarrassing grand parents. There is a good thing you will make a lot of money.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)
On June 28th, be sure to wear red and you will have good luck. This month you will be faced with challenges, but you will walk through them with a smile.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)
You are going to meet a new friend. You will have a lucky day.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)
You will learn new things you never knew. You will think of others before yourself.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
You believe good things will happen in this world

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Your love life is not what you planned it to be but on the other side you are fun and have the looks.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You are a little but shy and a little bit outgoing. You made a variety of friends. You can get jealous and mad but you are a great person.

Julie Jones

Jackie wove through the trees in an attempt to catch the red player. Jackie quickly gained on him. She could see if the boy might find where the flag was soon, and Jackie decided it was time to make her move. She jumped out from behind a tree and ran to the boy. The boy quickly grabbed a stick and tripped Jackie. Jackie’s ankle felt like it was on fire.
Before the boy ran to the flag, Jackie got a glimpse of the boy’s face. It was the boy that she accidentally spilled water on at breakfast!
“Why is he getting revenge if it was an accident?” thought Jackie.
Jackie tried to get up. But when she did, she immediately fell down again. Someone finally found Jackie and took her to the Health Lodge. But the boy never confessed. Jackie knew he wasn’t being caring, honest, respectful, or responsible, and she knew he would have to learn all those things at camp.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


This week we have passed five-hundred registrations for summer camp. This is excellent! Also this week, we have the first of our summer staff in camp for Lifeguard Training. They are having a great time, even though it has meant early mornings and hard work.

This week also signals the final week of Outdoor Education. Next week Staff Orientation begins bringing with it many fun people, most of whom you have met already.

Be sure to check back next week as I post pictures of Staff Orientation. All through this summer I will be posting updates on the Summer Camp Sessions.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mark and Katie

Hi! My name is Katie and this will be my fourth summer at Camp. Last year I was a CIT and I'm really excited to come back as a counselor this year. I love to swim, and spend as much time in the water that I possibly can! I also love running, biking, playing the guitar, and ultimate frisbee. Some of my favorite things to do at camp include playing capture the flag, kayaking, lake swims, and making s'mores!!! I'm looking forward to an awesome summer :)

Hey Everyone! My name is Mark! And unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the WHOLE summer. But I will be able to come to one of the last two sessions (or maybe even both!). I'm one of those really cool people from Chicago, although next year I'll be going to Carleton College in Minnesota. I worked as a Junior Counselor last year and was a CIT before that. This will be my 9th summer! I live for Kitchen Staff Parades, opening campfire, special day, riding my bike around Big Blue on weekends, and the Bars at camp (the sand-bar and the rare cupcake bar). I'm so bummed that I won't be able to work for more of the summer. Can't wait to meet and see you all when I come!

(Editor's Note: I was once turned down for a job at Carleton College - which means I ended up at Camp Pendalouan!)

We are truly blessed to have Katie and Mark, even though it won't be for the whole summer. We have met almost all the staff for summer. There are only a few left. We truly have an excellent staff.

Memorial Day weekend Camp was taken over by Kayakers! The West Michigan Coastal Kayakers had their annual symposium for the 14th year here at Camp. They have been doing the Symposium for 18 years and as many of them said: It just keeps getting better. This is always a neat weekend to see all the kayaks on the lake.

There are barely any days until Staff Orientation and Session One! I can barely contain myself. There is much still to do, but Session One is going to be the amazing. All the staff, support and counselor, and all the kids are going to make this the best summer of all time.

I hope you're spending a week with us this summer, and if you aren't, what are you waiting for?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Less than a month.

My name is Jesse. I have been to camp for 14 years. I love camp and working with kids. I am currently a student at Lansing Community College. I plan to transfer to Michigan State University this Fall to major in Elementary Education. In my spare time I enjoy camp, volunteering as a mentor, swimming, playing board games, and watching sports. I can’t wait to make this the best summer ever.

My name is Alison Smith, but I usually go by Ali. I was a CIT at Pendalouan last summer, so this will be my first summer as a counselor and I'm super excited! I love to ski, swim and sing. Camp songs are my favorite, and of course you've gotta love the waterfront. Green is my favorite color, and I enjoy eating spaghetti. Delish! I love meeting new people and trying new things, that's why I like camp so much! See you this summer!

My name is Alissa and I live in Grand Haven. This will be my first summer at Camp Pendalouan. I love working with kids. I currently teach Sunday School at my church and am a leader for my middle school youth group. I am a junior at Grand Haven High School. I spend a lot of time on the Science Olympiad team, we went to the National Tournament this year. I like to play saxophone and piano and my favorite animal is the duck.

I'm Will. This is my 10th summer at Pendalouan, though my first as a counselor. I'll be a senior at Mona Shores High School in the fall. I'm a numbers guy, and I like math and science, though I read as well. I like playing my euphonium (a musical insturment like a little tuba) and competing in sports like ultimate frisbee and Four Square. Mostly at camp, I'm looking forward to being loud, silly, and just having fun.

Both Will and Ali were some excellent CITs last summer and we are very excited to have them back as part of the Summer Staff. You have met just about all the Summer Staff - there are only a few more people to meet. Which is okay since there is less than a month to Summer 2007!

The Open House yesterday was a big success. It seemed everytime we turned around someone new was here. Many campers, young and old came. People going to all the camps we have this summer - Mother/Child, Father/Son, Family Camp, Day Camp, and Resident Camp. It was very exciting to meet all these people, new and returning. Visitors had a chance to boat, climb the wall, and use the archery range.

A thank you to the fine Folks at Go Gear in Muskegon. We just bought a brand new instructor kayak from them. They were very kind and gave us and excellent deal. They were also friendly, and one of them will be helping us during staff orientation - giving us a demo on the kayak so all the staff can use it.

Megan, our Equestrian Director, and Clare, the Waterfront Director, are back in camp this week. They will be getting the barn and waterfront ready for the big season. We're all very excited to have them back so early. More and more folks are coming into camp to get things ready for the kids. We can't wait!

We have over four-hundred registrations for summer. If you've already signed up, I hope you can stand the wait. We are going crazy with excitement at camp. If you haven't, make sure you do!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Why label a post "400?" Because we have over four-hundred registrations for summer! That's a lot! We are having a fantastic May here at camp, and we are planning for our fantastic "season opener," Session One of Resident Camp. Make sure you send in that registration so you don't miss the fun!

Hopefully, all reading will be able to make it to the Open House next Sunday, May 20th. It begins at 1pm and goes until 4pm. There will be guided camp tours as well as activities for parents and children to participate in. This is a perfect opportunity for campers to see where they will live. Some Summer counselors will be here so they can meet them as well.

But I know what you are really here for. The Staff! And here they are:

Hi! My name is Kate, and this will be my second year as a counselor at wonderful Camp Pendalouan. My campers last year always said that I love everything except drills and socks, and that's the truth. Some of my favorite things include camp, my camera, the water, and music! When I'm not at camp, I am a Special Education major at Michigan State University. I am absolutely thrilled to be going back to camp, and I can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones!

(Note: Kate also is an avid photographer and has taken many of the pictures for the Camp website and brochure.)

I’m Carol. This will be my third year at camp and with each year it keeps getting better. I keep myself busy with interning at the hospital for my career in nursing, working at Taco Bell, snowboarding, playing piano, coaching ice skating, volunteering at Girl Scouts, but most importantly, finalizing my high school career at Reeths-Puffer. Camp shows me time and time again that kids are all unique, proving to me something new about myself and the world around almost every minute. One of my hidden talents is packing up my things and moving to a new place every 3/5 years and touring the world. My mom finally retired in 2003 allowing me to stay in one high school and live by my family in Montague. I cannot wait to finally meet all the people I’ve been reading about and venture into the summer of my life and put my 2 years of training to work!

Hello, My name is Heidi and I am a small town/country girl. I have never worked at a camp before, however, I am very excited. I am graduating from college on Saturday, May 5th and am working at camp for my internship. The very last thing I need to do for my degree! Oh Yeah! I love horses and kids and I hope to get into farming someday soon. I can't wait to meet everyone!

Hey I'm Darya, but everybody calls me Dasha ( it's a Russian thing.) This is going to be my first year at camp. I was born in a Russia and lived there for 8 years, and then moved here. I'm graduating high school this year, and attending University of Michigan in the fall. I love running, and volleyball, and basically just sports and being outside. AND I love love love love LOVE ICE CREAM : ) and i'm pretty pumped for camp!

Aren't these amazing staff? I read these bios and get very excited for summer camp. Oh my goodness, it is going to be the best summer ever. I don't think Kate mentioned it, but she also loves ice cream. I just thought I would throw that out there.

May is in full swing right now. More groups than I can name are coming here to Pendalouan and also staying next door at Pioneer Trails. It is always fun over there. We get a different view of the lake and meet some different people, but we are always happy to return home to Pendalouan at the end of the day.

This weekend we are hosting the Girl Scouts' Mother/Daughter Weekend. They have had an amazing time with the staff here at camp. Three summer counselors are helping: Jen, Lauren and Dom. All three, along with Arika, are here all May to help with Outdoor Education. We have also had Jory and Randall out to help out this past week. Be sure to check earlier posts to read about these excellent folks.

Remember: The Open House! Yes, I mentioned it already, but these are extremely fun events and I would hate for anyone to miss it. With summer being close, it's very important to us here at camp to answer any questions parents might have. Be sure to telephone, email, post a comment here, or even stop by Camp with any questions you might have!

Only a month left until Summer 2007!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Squid Sighting

I just want everyone to know that we have had our first Squid sighting of the season. Chauncey was seen down by the eagle's nest near Blue Lake Park. Just a tentacle, but it us unmistakeable. It seems he is awake and living in the deep part of the lake once more.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Arika, Tim, Manuel, Kalin

I have been playing hockey since age 5. I played for NMU's Womens hockey team 05-06, Attending GVSU for Integrated Sciences/Elementary education I have 3 labradors, one of which is all mine :) I worked at camp last summer and loved it, worked some in the winter...I can't stay away from camp for very long!

Arika is also helping us this Spring with Outdoor Education and is doing a pretty great job so far.

This will be Tim's Sixth summmer at Camp. Tim travels a long way to be at camp each summer. He comes all the away from across lake Michigan from Chicago. His favorite things to do at camp are swim, mountain bike,
canoe, and hike. Tim started going to Camp Pendalouan when he was just a youngster and is now lucky enough to be a counselor. Tim is looking forward to an awesome summer!

My name is Manuel and this will be my second year as counselor at Camp Pendalouan!!! I`m from Colombia, where the best coffee of the world is produced!! I study industrial engineering and I love almost all kind of sports, so this is one of the reasons for which I really enjoy working at camp, besides all the great staff and campers I can meet there. My favorite activities at camp are the climbing wall, bikes, riflery and archery, and the best games are capture the flag and socks war. I'm so excited about this summer and it`s coming so fast, so see you soon!!

Hi Everyone! My name is Kalin, and I am so excited to be working at Camp this summer! This will be my first year at Camp Pendalouan. I went to horseback riding camp for 5 summers when I was younger and fell in love with the "camp" expierience. Currently, I'm just finishing up my first year as a broadcast journalism major at Columbia College in downtown Chicago. Originally from Northville, MI I have been a swimmer ever since I can remember. I absolutley love, music, singing, crafts, and anything having to do with being in the water. I really enjoy meeting new people and having fun so this summer will be a blast! I can't wait!

Two people from Columbia! Well, one is the country and the other the college...but still, it's fairly interesting. Truly we are blessed to have these excellent staff coming out to Camp for the summer.

Outdoor Education is going extremely well. We welcomed Park Elementary last week - their very first time at Camp! And they had an excellent time. Also true for Reeths Puffer and Woodbridge Elementary. Anyone visiting would have seen smiling faces and heard laughter aplenty.

Construction on the new cabin has begun. We currently have a nice square hole waiting to receive the foundation. Building will go on for the next few months, so everyone can see the progress.

Reminder: There will be an Open House on the 20th from 1-4pm. Come out to explore Camp and eat cookies. Many staff will be here for new campers and parents to meet. We are a friendly sort here at Camp.

Registration just keeps climbing! It looks like another fantastic summer lay ahead of us. We can't wait to see you here!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Three Staff!

Hi, I'm Kelley! This will be my third summer at camp! AND I LOVE CAMP!! I'm super duper excited for this summer and cannot wait to meet everyone! I recently graduated from Alma College. I have a major in Elementary Education with minors in English and Mathematics. I am currently looking for a job as an elementary teacher! I love kids and the outdoors! I am really competative and live for CAPTURE THE FLAG - GO RED!!! YEAH SUMMER '07 - it will be unforgettable!!! :)
(Editor's Note: Kelley will actually be playing Blue team for Capture the Flag this summer...we just haven't told her yet.)

My name's Randall Smith and im very excited to meet everyone. Although this is my first summer at camp I do believe it will be an adventure and a real character building experience. I have been around kids all 19 years of my life and right now I currently teach a sunday school class. I attend Baker College in Muskegon and am majoring in Advertisment, and let me tell ya what its EXCITING ;).

My name is Jessa, and I am a student at Central Michigan University studying Biology. I enjoy camping, volunteering, reading, swimming, singing, dancing, and playing golf with my family. This will be my second summer at Camp Pendalouan, and I couldn't be any more excited! My favorite things about camp are the songs, the teriyaki chicken dinners, the waterfront, and the high ropes course. You'll almost never catch me without a Sharpie, and I absolutely love the color green!

An excellent group of folks! And there's still more to meet. Can you even believe how close summer camp is? Can you feel it in the air? All the counselors are finishing up with school and I am pleased to say that they are all doing quite well at it. Good luck on exams for our college counselors - the future leaders of Pendalouan...and the world!

The May OE season heats up with Arika and Dominique joining us this week and Jen joining next week. Dom and Jen have been introduced Blog-Style, but Arika will be next week. We are very lucky to have these counselors joining us for May. Also joining us this month is Annie. She will be the Health Officer this summer and we will meet her later as well.

This week we moved beds and have gotten the boat dock in. Well, Brandon and Annie got the boat dock in. The rest of us looked up from our activities and said "Wow. That water is really cold!"

A few things to mention: There will be a new cabin going up right across from Kiowa. What will it be called? you ask. If you think of a good name, post a comment at the bottom.

Also: An Open House is coming up for anyone who wants to check camp out. It will be on May 20th from 1-4pm. We also hope to have a few counselors in for a work bee to prep camp for the major summer season. So many kids have signed up for camp, so don't miss out! We've got big big plans for this summer!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Staff and Orchard View

Before we meet the staff, I must tell you about a new website brought to my attention. Camp Ratingz ( which is a site that rates camps. We don't seem to have many ratings just yet, but I'm sure our large number of alumni can take care of that. Right?

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Biksacky and I will be a super-sweet counselor this summer. I am originally from Muskegon, but attend college at Bowling Green State University in the corn-fields of Ohio. (I miss the sandy shores of Michigan already.) I am majoring in political science, international studies, and pre-law, but have a special place in my heart for
the wilderness and outdoor education. This will be my third summer on staff at Pendalouan, but my 10th summer overall! My favorite camp activities include sailing, kayaking, camp-outs, hikes to Sleepy Hollow, singing camp songs, the ropes course, mud-hikes, and most importantly -- CAPTURE THE FLAG! I anticipate a summer filled with non-stop adventure, and simply cannot wait to see everyone's smiling faces at Pendalouan!

Abby: This will be my 8th summer at camp. I recently moved to Connecticut from Michigan. I love listening to music and watching sports. I want to learn how to bobsled...that's my new goal. I also love the water. When I am not wishing I was back at camp, I'm involved in marching band, and cheerleading. I am in love with Taco Night at camp. There is nothing better! I am counting down days until I get to come back to camp!

Abby was a CIT2 last year, and Lauren is going to be one of our Family Leaders during staff orientation. We are blessed to have them both back at Pendalouan.

Last week, Pendalouan hosted the Orchard View 8th Grade, an event known to camp staff as "Orchard View Week." It as amazing feat, in that the entire eighth grade comes to camp for the week. It is an excellent experience for kids and staff alike. The kids get to do activities they may never do again - canoe the river, play on the high ropes course - and the staff get to help them do it.
It was a very fun week, with memories made, songs sung, and canoes flipped on the river. The kids had a very fun and somewhat wet week. The weather was beautiful throughout, thankfully.

And now we are preparing for the whirlwind of May. Many many school groups will be with us in the coming weeks. We will barely have a chance to catch our breath before Summer Camp. There are less than sixty days to go.

We are excited!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Clare and Or

My name is Clare, but I also answer to Kiwi, which gives a hint as to where I'm from - New Zealand. This will be my fifth year at camp, hasn't the time just flown by!?!? I'm the Waterfront Director again this year and love water activities (obviously), reading, being creative and animals. I'm excited this year to return to camp to see some of the kids that were campers when I first started becoming LITs, CITs and even counsellors as well as hopefully meeting lots of new campers this year.

My name is Or, I'm 22 years old. I was born and raised in Israel. This is my first time as a camp counselor, but I have guided kids for many years. I was released from the army a few months ago after serving in the Israeli Air-Force. I like to play basketball, listen to music, play with my dog and, of course, travel.

And that is Or and Clare. Clare, as she said, has been here for a few years in the summertime. She's quite a valuble resource for us. Or is a new staff member, and we are very excited to add another international staff member.

This week at Camp: We are hosting the massive Orchard View Eighth Grade Camp. This is an extremely fun camp. It is quite a bit different from the usual Outdoor Education groups as we don't teach the standard classes - in stead we have an adventure based week. The kids go mountain biking, have a river trip, camp out, and do a lot of fun activities.

OPEN HOUSES: We have two open houses coming up. They are on Sunday, April 29 and Sunday, May 20. Both are from 1-4pm. It is an excellent chance for the whole family to come out and see what camp has to offer. These were very fun last year, and we plan on having just as much fun this year.

We have over three hundred registrations for summer camp, with more coming everyday. It is an excellent sign of an excellent summer. Hope you all have an excellent week.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Where has Spring Gone?

We have had another exciting Spring Break, and I hope everyone had a great Easter. We have reached the halfway point of the Outdoor Education season, which means we will be getting quite busy very soon. This week we see Fennville Middle School, out to have some fun. They will get here Wednesday, and from there on out we have groups every day. Isn't that exciting?

Camp still has snow. If you are somewhere without snow, consider yourself lucky. We thought it had gone for good - how wrong we were. The weather seems to be warming up again, though. In no time at all, it will be gone again. Hopefully until next winter.

Two more staff are here to be met. One new, one old, both awesome.

Jory is a native of Muskegon and graduated from Reeths-Puffer High School. He currently attends GVSU with an English major and hopes to become a teacher someday. He attended YMCA Camp Kimball in Reading, MI for four years as a younger youth. Jory likes camping, hiking, kayaking, frisbees, and guitaring. It is his first summer working here at Camp Pendalouan, and we couldn't be more excited to have him here.

Dom, in her own Words: My name is Dominique, but I go by Dom or Domo. This will be my 9th summer at camp, third summer on staff. At camp I love the climbing wall, ropes course, and capture the flag. When I'm not at camp i'm usually found working somewhere in the Y either as a lifeguard or in the childcare area. I keep coming back to camp every year because I love the kids and being outdoors as much as possible. And a few random facts about me, I carry my camera with my everywhere I go (including the water!) and I have 34 letters in my entire name.

And that's just two people to be working here this summer. Be sure to check back next week to meet a few more summer staff. We do need them, as summer enrollment is almost three hunrded. If you are keeping score at home, that is a very good thing.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring Break Escape?

Well, We certainly are "escaping" Spring Break - It's been more like a Winter Break these past few days. That's right, in case you hadn't noticed, the area has been hit with blizzards and flurries the past couple of days. But the sun came out for a few minutes today. It was pleasant as can be. It has curtailed a few of our outdoor activities, but the kids are still having an awesome time.

Here are a couple of pictures of the fun. Nothing too fancy - the cold was wearing the battery out! We've tie-dyed and captured flags and drank hot chocolate. It has been fun!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Break Escape

Spring Break Day Camp is off and running! Around a hundred kids filled camp today with songs and excitement as we met family groups and counselors. Lunch was sloppy joes. Tomorrow is going to be even better as we will have a chance for choice time. A lot of kids are looking forward to archery and canoeing and we are going to go for it!

Hopefully, we can take a few good pictures to post for you to look at. A lot of the kids may be recognized as summer regulars - always great to see them again!

As mentioned before, I'll be taking time in the blog to introduce some summer staff. Well, here are a couple besides me! I will be letting staff introduce themselves in their own words, because that's the best way to learn about them.


This will be my third summer at Camp Pendalouan. I go to school in Ohio, where I am studying Education and Art and spend numerous hours a week working with children in different settings. I love being outdoors--my favorite activities are backpacking, rock climbing, and whitewater canoing. I lived in Italy for four months last year, LOVE apple crispas at camp, and, most importantly of all, can't WAIT for this summer!!!


This will be my second year at camp, this time as assistant director. I love horse back riding reading, and just being outside. I am in my 4th year at Grand Valley, going for my integrated sciences for elementary education major. I'm from Farmington hills, but live in the Grand Rapids area - moving again in a month... I like ice cream, and nutella, and love love love to sleep. I am involved with Alternative Breaks at Grand Valley (its kinda my life right now) I also like to find out how and why things work (thats the science major in me coming out) and meeting new people!!

So that is Megan and Jen - only a fraction of the Pendalouan Power coming this summer. Be sure to check back later this week for an update on Spring Break Camp and next week to meet some more staff.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Well, Spring has arrived quite warmly here at camp. Today it is supposed to be in the high sixties. All the snow has melted and the staff are utilizing the bicycles to get around camp. Boating is set to be used, as well as archery and riflery. Who knows, in a few weeks we might even get the sailboats out!

This week also marks the last of the Jenison Sixth Grades, Rosewood. Last week we hung out with Bursley Elementary. It happens to be the alma mater of one of our staff, Paul Batt. He was very excited to see past teachers and new kids. We've had a lot of fun with the Jenison Schools and look forward to their return next year.

Next week is Spring Break Escape, a Spring Break Day Camp which doesn't have a lot of room yet. If you haven't signed up yet, you might want to. Space is becoming increasingly limited. It's going to be an exciting week of summer-type activities to help the kids have a great Spring Break. We will hopefully post some pictures of the event, so be sure to check back next week.

In Summer News: We have over two-hundred fifty registrations and the number just keeps climbing! Be sure to register if you haven't yet.

The summer staff is looking pretty solid with only a few open positions left. The next blog post will return to introductions of the staff, so be sure to check it out.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Meet the Staff: Part One

There are now less than a hundred days before the start of Session One of Resident Camp. The clock is ticking as far as registrations go. We are always ready to accept last minute registrations, but do you really want to do that? It is much better to be prepared ahead of time.

Starting today, each blog post will introduce you to some of the staff we have working this summer. Starting with me.

I'm Matthew Abel and I will be the Program Director this summer. I also update the blog here, and do a variety of online work for camp. I am originally from Muskegon and love my hometown. I also love Camp Pendalouan and this will be my fourth summer there. I am especially excited to return this summer as I have met many awesome kids that I hope to see again.

Next week, I'll be introducing you to some of the awesome staff that are returning as cabin counselors here at camp.

The month of March brings us the Jenison Elementary Schools, a different one each week. They have been attending camp here for a couple of years and it is always fun to have them here. The kids are always excited to stay and the staff have a lot of fun.

With the warm weather, we are putting away the skis and sleds and getting ready for Spring. That means the boating area will be back to normal and the dock will be put in soon. It is so exciting! Over the next few months, come visit so you can see Camp morph into it's summer state.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Posting Comments

There has been some trouble with posting comments on the blog, so this post is going to direct you through the posting process.

When you click the "Comments" at the bottom of a post, you will be directed to the comments page. It will have a column running down the right hand side where you put what you would like to say (examples: "Camp is awesome," "Pendalouan is the greatest," "Everyone should go to Camp Pendalouan"). Beneath this, you will have the selection of how to identify yourself:

BLOGGER ACCOUNT: Create a Blogger Account.
OTHER: Put your Name and your Website.
ANONYMOUS: Post anonymously.

All options request you to do a simple word verification. This is a technical step to ensure we don't get some sort of robot posting advertisements to the comments section. All comments are then sent to me (Matthew) so I can make sure they are appropriate.

You can request to preview your comment before you post it, or post it right away. An email is sent to me and I will decide it's fate.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heat Wave

Today it is in the forties and the snow is starting to melt. Winter is coming to a close, and it is not even March. Still, we have been blessed this year with some real winter weather. We got to use our skis and go out on the ice. What a great season. Soon though: Mosquitos!

We went to CMU and MSU for recruiting last week and met a lot of very nice people who would like to work here this summer. We also met a lot of very nice people we would like to work here this summer. It is our hope that we can hire another excellent summer Counseling staff soon.

It is hard to handle all the warm weather when so many schools had snow days just a couple weeks ago. It will soon be time for canoeing and funyaking on Big Blue Lake. Big Blue Lake will be blue again, instead of white. It is always beautiful.

Just a reminder that the Early Bird Deadline for Summer camp is fast approaching. People keep signing up, so don't wait too long.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, I hope everyone is elated by the holiday and doesn't realize I haven't posted in two weeks. But I promise it was for a very good reason. Perhaps you read in the local Muskegon Chronicle that we had a screening camp for the US Luge Association staying at camp. They traveled to the Winter Sports Complex in Muskegon State Park during the day and enjoyed beautiful Camp Pendalouan during the evenings.

This adventure has led to the creation of the Pendalouan Funooglers; our own luge team. We compete on Tuesday nights and we could always use some cheerleaders. If you haven't gotten a chance to see the Complex in the State Park, it is absolutely amazing. They have skiing, skating, luging, and a variety of winter activities.

Camp is looking beautiful. We have plenty of ice to play broomball and plenty of snow for skiing. The past week we enjoyed the company of some Fruitport Middle School 6th graders, Muskegon Catholic Central Elementary's 5th grade, and tonight we have a group of Reeths Puffer 6th graders.

In other happenings, we are recruiting at colleges for Summer Staff. Today we went to Central Michigan University and tomorrow we head to East Lansing to recruit at Michigan State University. CMU gave us plenty of opportunities to meet many awesome candidates. Hopefully, just as many will be found at MSU.

In the next coming weeks, be sure to check back as we will begin profiling the Summer '07 staff. You'll be able to see our new counselors and the old favorites. It is going to be an amazing summer here at Camp Pendalouan!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It is another beautiful winter day here at Camp Pendalouan. The past few hours have brought a lot of light fluffy snow. If you haven't seen camp covered in snow, come on out and visit. It is an awesome sight. The picture doesn't really do it justice.

Make sure you check your mailbox as we've just sent out a reminder postcard. Remember, March 1st is the end of the Early Bird registration rate for summer camp. It's a deal!

There are big things in the works for camp's online presence, so be sure to check back here for news. Right now, there are too many things being worked on we are not quite ready to share - so instead, this post ends with photos. Pictures of the OE staff having fun and camp in general.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Another beautiful winter day here at Pendalouan. The snow is deep enough for cross-country skiing and our toboggan run is getting some much-needed use. The ice on the lake is thicker every day, so by the end of the week check back for some broomball pictures.

Last week, Lori, Bruce and myself (Matthew) went to Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, IN for the Mid-America Camping Conference (MACC). It was a very fun week, and we learned a lot from the experience. We also garnered a multitude of new ideas for this summer and year-round. Hopefully, the already awesome camp experience will be even better.

This past weekend we hosted a Boy Scout troop and the Crossroads Bible Church (Grand Rapids). There were over a hundred boys and men enjoying the winter weather and they had an excellent time. Remember, if you're looking for a place to host a weekend retreat, Camp is happy to provide.

A few quick notes: We are hiring for this summer right now. If you know anyone interested in a rewarding and fun job, send them our way. Positions incluce Equestrian Director and Cabin Counselors. While at the MACC, we signed up with to create a camp Alumni network. Be on the lookout for the link. It's a very exciting program, allowing counselors and campers to communicate in a safe and secure online environment. It will be a great way to maintain those friendships kids make throughout their stay here.

I hope you all have an excellent day, and look for a few pictures of broomball later this week.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter A-Gain!

As the pictures show, the OE staff took the snowy opportunity today to get the cross-country ski trail packed down a little. Unfortunately, there aren't any groups this week to enjoy their hard work! We all fell asleep looking at the cold forest and woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. Without groups, the staff are keeping busy this week finishing renovations on the bathhouses, fixing lights in the Sugar Shack, and making sure camp stays beautiful. Lori, Bruce, and me (Matthew) are off to the Mid-American Camping Conference this week to learn some new stuff for summer camp.

Speaking of Summer Camp, the registrations are up to 87, and we will soon break the one-hundred mark. Some staff are sending in their re-applications and Lori is getting the CIT materials together. Every week brings us closer to another crazy and exciting summer. In a few weeks, I will start introducing us all to the summer staff once more.

Another fun bit of news: Camp Pendalouan is signed up for the Meijer Community Rewards program. HOW IT WORKS: You sign up (which can be done online at the Meijer website), you get a rewards card, you buy the same groceries you usually do. But this time, you swipe the card and Camp gets 4% cash back from the purchase. Our organization number is 492928. Any questions will be courteously answered if you call camp. This is an excellent way to give to camp!

We all hope the snow stays for a while so we can enjoy some real winter weather. As always, stop by and visit. Today Daryl Sieplinga came by to hang out! You never know who you will see!

Have some fruit!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What a great day to be at Camp Pendalouan! The sun is out and there is snow on the ground. The winter hasn’t been as cold as we would like it to be, but we still have had a lot of fun with the few groups we’ve had so far. Camp is full of activity and fun this winter.

The most exciting news is the number of registrations we’ve had for summer camp. Seventy-eight kids are signed up this summer, which is seventy-eight more than we had at this time last year. That’s an improvement (mathematically) of infinite percent! Impossible, you say? Impossible things are what camp is all about! Remember, there is still time to register for camp and take advantage of the early bird discount. Until March 1st, to be exact. If the pace keeps up, it looks like there will be a lot of new friends for kids to make here this summer.

We are hard at work remodeling the West Moon right now, having put in a new floor, countertops, and repainting everything. This wouldn’t be possible without the donations and hard work of many people. If among them, we thank you.

This season, we welcome Adrienne Craig to the Outdoor Education program. Adrienne attended Central Michigan University and has been working in Colorado and Muskegon. She is very excited to be returning to Outdoor Education and will co-coordinator alongside Paul Batt.