Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Year is Winding Down

The leaves are mostly gone and we've had a few flakes of snow. That means camp will soon be entering the winter season. I meet so many people who find out I work at a camp and they are so surprised that we are open year round. But Pendalouan has so much to offer in the winter weather!

Our last school group will be in this week and the staff will work hard to ready camp for colder weather. The boat dock is already in, but the boats are still ready should the weather turn nice for any groups. December is a long holiday break for most of the staff, but things still stay busy with company Christmas parties in Nikana Lodge.

December 27-29 is Winter Camp, which is going to be a lot of fun. As usual, we hope for snow so we can have WINTER fun, but should that not work out, we've got plenty of back up plans for non-snow cold weather fun. With any luck, however, we will have cross-country skiing, sledding, and gallons of hot cocoa for our winter campers. Many summer staff members are returning to have fun with campers during these three days.

The blog will not be updating for a while, since not much is going on in camp. But be sure to check back for an update on Winter Camp and some of the staff we might be seeing here.