Sunday, October 22, 2006

What a Week ahead!

This coming Friday is Halloween Camp! This year we hope to have even more fun than last year, with a few new games to be played on Saturday such as "Capture the Scarecrow" and the skeleton hunt. This year we will have the Haunted Trail and Haunted House back to scare everyone, but not scare too badly. Remember to bring your costumes.

Lots of schools are here this week. The West Michigan Academy for Arts & Academics, Twin Lake's 4th grade, and Lincoln Park's 3rd grade will be here. This week we also welcome Dimondale Elementary's 4th grade for their first trip to Pendalouan. It is very exciting to welcome a brand new school and show them the power of Outdoor Education.

The action around camp has been fairly typical. Our rainy weather continues, the leaves continues to fall, and Dan has lost his radio. All in all, par for the course.

Be sure to check in next week to hear how Halloween Camp went, it's sure to be an adventure for all involved.

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