Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Camp

Halloween Camp is over and was quite a lot of fun. Campers arrived Friday evening and had dinner before a campfire and exciting Halloween Activities. There was a plethora of fun games to be played, crafts, a Haunted Trail and a Haunted House. Thanks again to the Petermans for putting together the House for us, the kids loved it!

Saturday was pretty cold, but a few brave souls went boating on Big Blue Lake. Pretty soon we will be closing up the boats for the season. The dock is already sinking, so we’re halfway there. The rest of Saturday featured choice times, a Dutch auction, and Capture the Scarecrow. Afterwards, a costume part with a lot of very cool costumes. Pictures will be up on the website soon.

Thanks to all the staff who came out to help with Halloween Camp. All the kids who came had a terrific time.

Now, our eyes turn to Winter Camp in December. Of course, throughout November we have school groups coming in, which means more kids having fun at Pendalouan.

In other news, the camp brochure will soon be done and printed. The question most people ask about it is “am I in it.” You’ll just have to wait and see.

Be sure to check the website and call in to register for Summer camp next year. We’ve got quite a deal! For a hundred dollar deposit, you get fifty dollars off and a Pendalouan hooded sweatshirt to put under the Christmas Tree.

Hope to see you at Camp!

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Everyone pray a White Winter Camp!