Monday, October 09, 2006

Genesis of a Pendalouan Blog

Hello to the friends of Pendalouan! As you can see, we have been moving rapidly to catch up with technology with a better website and now a blog. We can only hope that it doesn't become obsolete too quickly. We need to put some mileage on it.

Camp is absolutely beautiful right now as the trees explode with color. The view on the other side of Beautiful Big Blue Lake is absolutely breathtaking. The air is brisk and more and more often holds the scent of smoke out of Nikana Lodge's chimney. The rowboats have been brought in for the season, and even Chauncey seems to be preparing for winter as squid sightings are few and far between.

October is not yet halfway over which means we still have Halloween Camp coming up. Last year was quite successful and we are looking forward to it this year. Staff are excited to dress up, perhaps more than the kids who will attend.

It is our hope to help keep you updated with the goings-on at camp. But there is more. Much more! Anyone wishing to may post comments on this blog, letting the Pendalouan world at large know how they are doing. It is our hope it will help you stay connected with the greatest place on the planet.

Please be sure to visit us this Fall.

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